connect directly and anytime with your beacons & loggers

manage your logistical performance actively with our agnostic multi vendor IoT Gateway:
lower your costs, maximize safety & improve customer satisfaction

Move your goods and maximize product integrity, safety, quality, transparency & redundancy

WirelessWorks.IT offers a globally managed IoT-Gateway with an end-to-end visibility platform, connecting all validated measurement data during a supply chain cycle, and providing critical KPI-information that a business needs.

From arriving at the airport, through handling and during inland transport, or from leaving the distribution center and ensuring closure and controlled secured openings for unloading.

Our advanced IoT network and our secure cloud-based network improves and maximes product integrity, safety, quality, compliance, transparency & redundancy.

Have maximum visibility on your critical supply chain KPI’s

WirelessWorks.IT provides real-time data processing from your beacons/loggers directly into, amongst others, your enterprise (ERP)-systems, into warehouse and transportation systems and into third party logistic systems.

Software based alarms and signals can be set for preliminary warnings. Recall costs can be avoided, or at least minimized. Paper records can be reduced and complaince and auditing benefits.

Have insight into your data directly

WirelessWorks.IT provides you a portal for the best insights and for one-view-insights. Data is retrieved from our servers or passed through via API’s to your own environment.

Your most recent critical KPI-information always available. We provide a cloud-based software application, no software installation is required.

Scaling is possible now!

Analyzing your supply chain more easy than ever!

Struggled with preparing accurate and timely supply chain reports?

No longer struggling as the latest critical KPI information is at hand. Retrieved from our strong eco-system of connected gateways to gather the data, via storing in our secure network and by providing instant actionable insight. Your IoT in the supply chain becomes a transformative tool on which the enterprise can act quickly.

Integrate your critical KPI-information in your enterprise systems

WirelessWorks.IT can support you in fully automizing the throughput of data into your enterprise IT environment. Intergrate with your core business systems for efficiencies with reducing human error. As skilled in all leading cloud database solutions, connections via API’s can be made with our support. We monitor 24/7 as part of agreed Service Levels.

Fast 4G/LTE/5G access

Confronted with delayed delivery of your new fixed (fiber) lines?

Or out of fixed connectivity due to unexpected maintenance? WirelessWorks.IT can provide fixed wireless access within 24 hours in Europe. Need information or a quote: ask us here.

Wireless 4G/LTE/5G failover for business continuity​

WirelessWorks.IT can support you by providing a backup internet failover solution. When your primary access breaks down, our failover solution immediately picks up and your business stays connected!